What a boring deadline

Okay, so Mark Teixeira went to the Braves and Eric Gagne was dealt to the Red Sox. That’s it? That’s all this sorry ass 2007 trade deadline gave us this year? No three-team blockbuster that included nine players, two managers and three batboys? Unbelievable. I think I read that the Padres got a case of Bubble Yum and a crate full of watermelon Jolly Ranchers for reliever Royce Ring.

As boring as the trade deadline was this year, I actually applaud general managers across the league. I think these geniuses are finally figuring out that Matt Mantei isn’t worth a young stud like Brad Penny or that Victor Zambrano might not bring back the same return as a 19-year-old Scott Kazmir might some day. More and more, teams are hanging onto the young prospects and being more patient with their development. With that, fans are seeing less exciting trade deadline deals, but more of guys like Jose Reyes, Carl Crawford and Tim Lincecum develop into future stars.

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