Cowher carousel starts

Let the Bill Cowher rumor brigade officially start. The first two 2007 Cowher rumors involve the New York Giants and the Carolina Panthers.

Former Steelers running back Jerome Bettis recently predicted Cowher would wind up in New York next year coaching the Giants:

Appearing on the NFL Network’s “Total Access,” Bettis said, “I really think he’ll be coaching next year, and I think he’ll be coaching in New York… That’s my take on it and just thinking about the type of team he fits in good with, the Giants are definitely one.”

Although a little animosity eventually came out of the deal between player and coach, don’t forget Bettis was the one who officially predicted on a TV pregame show last year that Cowher would leave Pittsburgh at the conclusion of the 2006 season. So maybe Bettis knows something nobody else does.

The other rumors subject around a secret headshake involving Cowher and the Panthers, but these seem far-fetched at this point. Although Cowher lives in Raleigh, Carolina has a damn good – although overrated at times in my opinion – coach in John Fox. Unless the Panthers completely botch the upcoming season and the organization feels that Fox was a main reason, Cowher probably won’t be donning black and light blue next season.

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