Congrats Oregon, you won the ’05 Holiday Bowl!

The football program at the University of Oklahoma is in rough shape these days. Turns out that the Sooners will have to forfeit all eight of their 2005 wins because two students got paid from a car dealership job in Norman, yet didn’t actually put in any work.

The Sooners went 8-4 and beat Oregon in the Holiday Bowl to end the 2005 season. Records from that season involving quarterback Rhett Bomar and offensive lineman J.D. Quinn must be vacated, the NCAA said, and coach Bob Stoops’ career record will be amended to reflect the forfeitures, dropping it from 86-19 in eight seasons to 78-27.

Seriously, how bad does Stoops and the rest of the ’05 Sooner team want to throw an ass-beating party for Bomar and Quinn right about now? Not only did they get paid for doing nothing, they also botched an entire football season in the process. At least Tulsa and Baylor are happy – whoever said they could never beat OU looks pretty silly right about now.

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