NBA Draft Preview

The NBA Draft is almost upon us. After a lackluster regular season and an anticlimactic Finals, the league needs a shot in the arm and the 2007 Draft just might do the trick. Considered the deepest draft since 2003 (when LeBron, D-Wade, ‘Melo and Chris Bosh hit the scene), this year’s version promises to have a huge impact on the future of the league. It features two “can’t miss” stars in big man Greg Oden and the sharp shooting Kevin Durant, along with a bevy of young players who have the potential to be stars or superstars in the NBA.

At the NBA Lottery, fortunes smiled on the Trailblazers and Supersonics, and barring a trade, those two lucky franchises will end up with Oden and Durant. But who goes first, and what about the rest of the first round? We’ve put together a Mock Draft that’s a little different than other mock drafts you might have seen. We don’t try to predict which player a team will draft; we try to determine which player a team should draft. Each pick includes the team’s salary cap situation, player comparisons and an offseason blueprint. To gain a larger perspective, don’t miss our list of The Best and Worst Drafts in NBA History. There’s also a compilation of the 11 Biggest Draft Day Blunders of the modern era of the NBA, which breaks down the very worst draft day decisions (and proves just how important the draft is to the future of a franchise). Finally, we’ve identified a few Draft Sleepers in this year’s draft and updated Second to None, our list of the best second-round picks in draft history.

So sit back and enjoy the read. It should be an interesting week.

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