Cuban to buy the Cubs? has referenced three links regarding Mark Cuban possibly buying the Chicago Cubs for $625 million. The original story was posted on Radar Online and eventually shot down by CNBC reporter Darren Rovell.

Rumor or not, let’s speculate. On one hand, could you imagine Cuban getting a seat right behind the home plate umpire for all the Cubs’ home games? Good grief, no umpire would want to visit Wrigley. On the other hand, and more importantly, there aren’t many owners who are as committed to their clubs as Cuban is. Let’s face it, up until this past offseason, the Tribune Co. has been one of the cheapest in all of professional sports. Cuban would certainly change all that, and possibly revive one long-suffering organization.

There was speculation that the reason why the Tribune Co. opened its wallet this offseason, was because it wanted to sell. Hmm…

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