NY Giants vs. the NY Media, Part 87

Apparently Michael Strahan forgot to change his diapers on Wednesday. Strahan went off on a female reporter in the Giants locker room when asked if he could elaborate on ripping teammate Plaxico Burress on a recent radio show.

“Come here, I want to see your face when you ask this question,” a confrontational Strahan bellowed. “You’re a responsible journalist, look me in the eye and ask this question the way you want to ask it. Look a man in the eye before you try to kill him or make up something.”

Kill him? I didn’t know you were at war Kellen Winslow.

“You know the difference between me reading your papers now and me reading your papers 10 years ago, is now I know [B.S.] when I read it,” he said. “Ten years ago, I didn’t know [B.S.] when I read it, so now I can read your papers and it doesn’t bother me because half is garbage.”

Why read it at all than Strahan?

Look, I’m not big on these sideline reporters and their terrible attempts at asking decent questions. But Strahan ripped his teammate first. The reporter just wanted a follow up, because that’s her job. For Strahan to bully a reporter because he’s upset that his team is losing has “crybaby” written all over it. Just tell the reporter that it’s an “in-house” situation and move on. You didn’t prove a point to anyone Strahan. You just came away looking like a jerk.

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