Good news folks – Bill Romanowski can remain coaching flag football

When coach Bill Romanowski saw an opponent in a recent Piedmont-Lafayette flag football game trip one of his son’s teammates, he scolded the seventh grader for what he felt was dirty play.

Apparently Lafayette coaches weren’t pleased with what Romanowski had done.

Lafayette officials complained, saying Romanowski wouldn’t be allowed to return to Lafayette to coach when the two teams meet for a rematch next month. But Piedmont Recreation Department director Mark Delventhal met with Romanowski on Wednesday and said he trusts the coach not to engage in out-of-bounds behavior.

“At this point, I have utmost confidence that Mr. Romanowski will continue to conduct himself in a manner that’s appropriate,” Delventhal told The Associated Press. “I think our players are very fortunate to have Mr. Romanowski as a coach.”


First off all, what in God’s name is Romanowski’s son doing in flag football? Isn’t that like having Barry Bonds’ son enrolled in softball or something?

And Romanowski was upset over one of the kids tripping another player? Isn’t this man who punched one of his teammates in practice and broke his eye socket? A man who spit in the face of an opponent and was regarded as one of the cheapest players in the NFL when he played?

I can hear the conversation between Romanowski and the seventh grader now:

Romanowski: “Listen son, you can’t be out here tripping other players, okay? That’s not right and if you do it again I’ll break your friggen face, kid.”

Seventh grade player: “Okay, Mr. Romanowski, I’m sorry. But I was up late last night watching old film of you when you played with the Raiders, so I got carried away.”

Yikes, well at least he can coach again – I would hate to have a man of his moral cloth not have an influence in these young men’s lives.

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