Refs win first title

Miami 95, Dallas 92 (Heat win series, 4-2)
I’ve played basketball for more than 20 years, and one thing is certain: there is nothing more frustrating (from an opponent’s perspective) than a ref giving calls to a good player who repeatedly throws himself into a defensive player. It’s almost like the officials have an incomplete checklist. Was there contact? Check. Is the offensive player a superstar? Check. Let’s send him to the line! Only the refs are forgetting the most important question: does the offensive player create the contact? The officials gave Game 5 to the Heat when, at the end of the game, they rewarded Dwayne Wade with two free throws on a phantom foul call on Dirk Nowitzki. Fast forward to the end of Game 6, 0:26 to play, Miami leading 91-90, Wade drives the ball, throws his arm out into a retreating Nowitzki, and Wade gets the call. Sure, the Mavs had a chance to tie at the buzzer, but that foul call put Dallas in a bad, bad position.

Hell, Dallas had a ton of chances to win the game. They couldn’t hit an open three to save their lives – they went 5-22 (23%) for the game. Jason Terry had the worst second half of his life, going 1-12 (8%) from the field in the final two periods. (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: No team should pay Jason Terry more than $8 M a season.) The entire Dallas squad was throwing up bricks, shooting a dismal 37% from the field in the game. I’ve since turned the television off, but I’m assuming Wade won MVP, and deservedly. He scored 147 points over the final four games – that’s a 36.8 point average. But it helps when you get to the line 73 times in those same four games. Let me write that again: Dwayne Wade shot 73 free throws in the final four games. For their part, Dallas certainly didn’t do anything to win the series. Their fall from a 2-0 series lead and a 13-point lead with less than seven minutes to play in Game 3, to lose the series in six games, has to go down as one of the biggest meltdowns of all time. But Miami didn’t win this series either – the refs did. So let’s give them the rings.

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