N.O. celebrates as Houston reaches postmortem

As far as icons go, Reggie Bush is definitely Houston’s loss and New Orleans gain. And that’s not necessarily referring to the Texans and Saints.

As much as a city can possibly endure in one year, New Orleans has endured it. But as ESPN.com’s Len Pasquarelli reports, the city finally has a streak of light coming through the darkness, and Bush is holding the torch.

“In all my years of doing this,” said agent Joel Segal, “I’ve never seen anything like it. A standing ovation. People trying to get close to him. People chanting, ‘Reggie! Reggie!’ It was like we were at Yankee Stadium maybe 25 years ago. Man, wait until he actually gets on the field.”

The restaurant had to station an employee at Bush’s table so that he could finish his meal without fans milling around him. Lagasse came out from the kitchen to take his order (a New York strip steak, as usual) and welcome him. Bush joked that he might tell Saints officials that, as part of his contract, Emeril had to agree to be his private chef.

What’s interesting is that Mario Williams should be in this position; he should be a Saint. But would the city of New Orleans have taken the same openness with Williams?

Doubt it.

In some cases, this was meant to be and even if Bush rushes for 1,400 yards a season or 400, the city of New Orleans finally has something to celebrate again.

As for the city just one state away, they’re living in quite a different reality.

The passion a fan has for a team is hard to break. And if a team disappoints a fan, the passion is magnified. As Terrance Harris reports, for the Houston Texan fans that sat through the NFL draft, their passion turned into aggravation.

As the NFL season is coming to an end last year, fans do all but beg for the Texans to lose so they could get a shot at Bush. Then Texan fans get more acquainted with home town guy Vince Young.

Why not draft Young? David Carr hasn’t blossomed into the quarterback of their franchise, so take a shot on the electrifying Young. Young or Bush? Either way, Texan fans have reason for optimism. Then the news breaks that the Houston brass won’t take Young, because they feel they are set at QB. Okay, fine, Reggie Bush it is!

Not so fast.

Introduce: Mario Williams. Mario Williams? Mario Williams!

By far the best quote in Harris’ article was by a Houston fan named Husbaldo Artega:

“I was wondering what’s going on. Are we getting punk’d or something?” said Artega. “That’s what I thought we were getting — punk’d.”

Oh, if only Ashton Kutcher were that good.

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