Did Vince bomb the Wonderlic?

The NFL combine in Indianapolis is half over and the biggest story so far [Insider subscription required] is that Vince Young bombed the Wonderlic test (which is designed to test a player’s mind). Word is, on his first try, he scored a 6. On his second, he scored a 16, according to his agent. He’s supposed to take it a third time.

Todd McShay from Scouts, Inc. writes:

Just as a barometer, the highest score registered at last year’s scouting combine was a 40 (QB Alex Smith) and the lowest score was a 6 (RB Frank Gore). I also have been told by an NFL scout that the other two top quarterbacks this year fared much better on this test, with USC’s Matt Leinart scoring a 35 (at the combine) and Vanderbilt’s Jay Cutler scoring a 29 (in a test given prior to the combine).

If the reports were true, Young’s draft stock stands to be significantly affected, especially with Cutler continuing to skyrocket up most teams’ draft boards. When I asked one scout from the AFC if he thought Young would still be a top-five draft pick if the rumor turns out to be true, he answered, “Sure … as a wide receiver, though.”

As expected, Cutler shined during his four days in Indianapolis. The only quarterback to voluntarily bench press at the combine in the last two years, Cutler put up the standard 225-pound bar 23 times. He ran the 40-yard dash in 4.78 seconds and wowed the NFL brass in attendance with his strong arm and accuracy during the passing drills Sunday. Cutler’s interviews have also impressed several interested teams, including the New Orleans Saints, who currently own the draft’s second overall pick.

It remains to be seen how much Young’s draft stock is hurt by these scores. The results of his third test won’t be released until next week. But, for now, you have to think that Cutler has moved ahead of Young on most teams’ draft boards.

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