Favre ‘leaning’ towards retiring

In a Sunday Conversation on ESPN, Brett Favre told Chris Mortensen that, although he hasn’t fully made up his mind, he’s leaning towards retirement.

“I wish I knew where I stood,” Favre told Chris Mortensen in an interview that aired as ESPN’s Sunday Conversation. “If I had to pick right now and make a decision, I would say I’m not coming back.”

Favre told Mortensen he would like more time to decide whether to return for another NFL season. But he understands the Packers need to know soon to properly prepare for the NFL draft and other offseason personnel matters. “I’d like to wait till training camp,” Favre said with a laugh. “But I know I have to make the decision in the next month for their sake.”

“I still know I can play, I still love to play, but there’s still much more to it. I never thought I’d give out mentally before I gave out physically,” he said.

It isn’t like Favre to sit down for an interview before making up his mind. It looks like he’ll be giving the Packers an answer soon, so that they can properly prepare for free agency and the NFL draft. Green Bay has the #5 pick and, depending on how they feel about last year’s #1 pick, Aaron Rogers, they may have an opportunity to select Matt Leinart, Vince Young or Jay Cutler (Vanderbilt), whose stock is rising in workouts.

The guy can still play. With a good offseason, there is enough talent in Green Bay to contend next season, so I’d like to see Favre return for one more season. But if he’s not sure he wants to play, then he should hang ’em up.

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