Brett Favre vs. Javon Walker

Brett Favre is the golden boy of pro football, so it’s strange to see him getting blasted on national television. Last night on The Best Damn Sports Show Period the gang went off on Favre after showing clips of an interview with Javon Walker. Walker blew out his knee and is out for the season, but he’s pissed off at Favre for making comments earlier this year when Walker was threatening a holout. Favre made it clear in the press that he felt Walker should be in camp, and Walker claims these comments destroyed his negotiating position with the Packers. Now he has a season-ending ACL tear, and he’ll have to fight hard next year to earn the big contract he felt he deserved.

John Salley in particular ripped Favre, saying Brett could sit comfortably with his millions while Walker just lost his best chance at a big payday. Salley argued that holdouts and threatened holdouts were part of the negotiation process, and Favre should not interfere in another player’s business. The rest of the panel agreed, with Rodney Peete saying that Favre should be ashamed of himself. Some also made a distinction between this case and the T.O. saga, since T.O. had already received the big contract, while Walker had not.

I’m not sure how I come out on this one. In today’s sports world this situation highlights the tension between team loyalty and the big paydays available to star players. It is interesting, however, to see Favre dragged into this controversy while struggling through a losing season. This probably isn’t what he had in mind when he decided to return for another season.

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