Brett Favre vs. Javon Walker

Brett Favre is the golden boy of pro football, so it’s strange to see him getting blasted on national television. Last night on The Best Damn Sports Show Period the gang went off on Favre after showing clips of an interview with Javon Walker. Walker blew out his knee and is out for the season, but he’s pissed off at Favre for making comments earlier this year when Walker was threatening a holout. Favre made it clear in the press that he felt Walker should be in camp, and Walker claims these comments destroyed his negotiating position with the Packers. Now he has a season-ending ACL tear, and he’ll have to fight hard next year to earn the big contract he felt he deserved.

John Salley in particular ripped Favre, saying Brett could sit comfortably with his millions while Walker just lost his best chance at a big payday. Salley argued that holdouts and threatened holdouts were part of the negotiation process, and Favre should not interfere in another player’s business. The rest of the panel agreed, with Rodney Peete saying that Favre should be ashamed of himself. Some also made a distinction between this case and the T.O. saga, since T.O. had already received the big contract, while Walker had not.

I’m not sure how I come out on this one. In today’s sports world this situation highlights the tension between team loyalty and the big paydays available to star players. It is interesting, however, to see Favre dragged into this controversy while struggling through a losing season. This probably isn’t what he had in mind when he decided to return for another season.

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Week 4 Preview

Last week’s picks:


QB – Brian Griese – 139 pass yds, 2 TDs, 1 INT
RB – Willis McGahee – 140 rush yards, 1 TD
WR – Daunte Stallworth – zero catches


QB – Michael Vick – 167 pass yds, 2 TDs, 1 INT, 64 rush yards
RB – Ahman Green – 85 total yds, 0 TDs
WR – Robert Ferguson – 4 catches, 68 yds, 1 TD

What we learned: While Griese’s yardage numbers weren’t overly impressive, the two TDs made for a good day. McGahee is officially back and should be a weekly start against all but the top rush defenses, even though the Bills have no passing game. Stallworth was a big disappointment after a huge day against the Giants and playing from behind all day against the Vikings. He’s far too inconsistent to be counted on. Vick performed well with a bad hammy. Ferguson looks like an every week start, no matter whom Green Bay faces.

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Big test for the Patriots

Charlie Weis? Gone.

Romeo Crennel? Gone.

Tedy Bruschi? Gone.

Ted Johnson? Gone.

Rodney Harrison? Gone.

Todd Light? Gone for most, if not all, of the season.

Kevin Faulk? Gone, reportedly for eight weeks with a leg injury.

I tell you what — if the Patriots win the Super Bowl this year after all the losses they’ve been faced with, Canton should welcome Bill Belichick and Tom Brady right after the game. The AFC East may not be the best division in football, and the Jets and Bills have their own injury concerns, but at this point, would it surprise anyone to see the Patriots miss out on the playoffs?

On the other hand, would it really surprise anyone to see New England overcome the odds and obstacles and wind up in position to win another Super Bowl? Not after what we’ve seen from Belichick, Brady and Co. the past few years.

We’re about to learn just how great this team really is. Most teams couldn’t withstand the loss of their starting left tackle, but along with losing Light, the Pats are trying to overcome the losses of their offensive and defensive coordinators, a starting linebacker, a third-down back, and two team leaders (and excellent players) in Harrison and Bruschi.

Maybe my preseason prediction of the Pats being overrated was accurate after all. Then again, maybe they’ll make me look foolish for ever doubting them.

The Packers got the runt of the litter

In 1998, when Mike Holmgren demanded a head coaching job that also included complete control over all personnel decisions, it was obvious that he was going to have to find that job at a franchise other than the Green Bay Packers. The team was on the heels of two consecutive Super Bowl appearances and GM Ron Wolf was regarded as one of the best of the business and was deservedly given much of the credit. It was clear that the Packers weren’t going to fire him to appease Holmgren’s misguided career aspirations – back-to-back Super Bowl appearances weren’t enough? Many thought that Holmgren would land in San Francisco, a franchise that was familiar with the coach’s work and was at the time somewhat unhappy with their coach, Steve Mariucci, a Holmgren disciple. Oddly enough, the two teams faced each other in the playoffs that year and the futures of both coaches may have been altered by a blown call in that game. During San Francisco’s final drive (with the Packers leading 27-23), Jerry Rice fumbled after a catch. The Packers recovered, but the referee watching the play called Rice “down by contact” and the 49ers kept possession. The drive ultimately resulted in a last second touchdown pass from Steve Young to a then up-and-coming Terrell Owens, which gave San Francisco the win, 30-27. Had that fumble call gone the other way, Mariucci would have likely been fired for losing a first round playoff game at home and Holmgren would have been the favorite to take his place. The win bought Mariucci some time in San Francisco and forced Holmgren to look for complete control elsewhere. He ultimately signed with Seattle, where he has had mixed success in seven seasons and has recently had to relinquish his GM duties. Oh, the irony!

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Fantasy Football Q&A: Week 4

“Fast” Willie finally had a bad game and LT2 finally caught a pass. Kurt Warner and Chad Pennington are out with injuries. What does this mean for your fantasy squad?

Post all of your Week 4 roster questions here.

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