Fantasy Football Q&A: Preseason >> July 31

Wondering who you should take in the first round? Trying to figure out if Julius Jones is a better pick than Ahman Green? Want to know how the loss of Randy Moss will affect Daunte Culpepper’s value this year? Draft day is fast approaching and everyone’s got questions. Well, we’re here to help. Throughout the preseason, we’ll run these Q&A threads every Sunday night and then, during the week, you can post your questions. Whether you’re looking for advice on drafting, keepers, trades, scoring, whatever, post them here (by clicking “comments”) and we’ll give you our opinions. We’re not saying we know everything under the fantasy sun, but nobody does…even if some sites claim otherwise. We do, however, have a few decades’ worth of fantasy experience and if you’re looking for answers, you’ll find some here. So fire away, and we’ll try to post a response within 24 hours.

PLUS: We’ll be running weekly Q&A threads during the regular season to take your questions on match-ups, lineup decisions, trades and free-agent pickups.

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